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released June 2, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Dan Duszynskii
at Dandy Sounds in Chicago, IL.

Mastered by Carl Saff

A N Y K I N D:
Dan Duszynski: guitars, keys, vocals
Matt Schuessler: bass
Adam Kaltenhauser: drums
Bobby Lord: guitar, keys, vocals, fucking saxophone

Strings on "My Brother" by Sarah Cornish

Clarinet on "Welcome to the Neighborhood"
and "Creep All Night" by Emily Cross

Cover art by Emily Cross


all rights reserved



Any Kind Dripping Springs, Texas

magic via paper cones

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Track Name: Make You See
There aren't enough keys on the old piano
To play a song and show you all the things I feel
It can't be done with a general reference
It's too specific only I get the whole deal

Wanna make you see
What you see in me
Gonna find a better tomorrow
One and then two and then three

There aren't enough strings on a harp of golden
Repeating sunsets in the normal boring sky
No adjectives lining up single file
Can quite describe it like I see it with my eyes

Wanna make you see
What you see in me
Gonna find a better tomorrow
One and then two and then three

Wanna make you see
What you see in me
Gonna find a better tomorrow
How it should be

Wanna make you see
What you make in me
Gonna find a better tomorrow
One and then two
two and a half
Track Name: Lost Again, I Am
Done with all that reeling
I get lost
till I come across that feeling

There's nothing worth revealing
of it's cause/cost
till I come across that feeling

Lost again, I am

I'm lost without my baby coming back tonight
'Cause without my baby I don't feel so right
Track Name: My Brother
You're not from here in town...
Go take a look around.
The savages, they care for one another.
Right as it's getting fun,
cemetery here we come!
Soon you'll be right next to me,
my brother.

and there's that Tootsie Roll
Raise the roof
you're twisting away

Grand plie
Moonwalking through the day
pirouette and slide
feelin' alright

but I'm not immune to doubt
no it can't be figured out
Track Name: Five
I see their faces when they tell me nothing's wrong
they hold their places and they let me play along
until the morning when I wake up and they're gone
Their silent faces in the moment

I watch their eyes move as they look for simple truth
their cracking crow's feet slowly siphoning their youth
I know I'm with them; I still don't know what to do
Their searching nights go on forever

I'm still looking for that place I used to know
By the church, another Christmas in the snow
In the park, a fallen acorn by my toes
Holding on cause it ain't easy to let go
Sorely happy to receive another day
Free of poverty, I throw my cares away
Hoping karma is not real so I don't pay
Afterlife likely won't be there, but it may
Track Name: Loving You For So Long
how does it feel now to be out on your own?

I've been loving you for so long, but it's time to go on.
Track Name: Sightseeing
Forget my opinions, they get in the way
pissing my time out finding the differences
Let's have a party starting yesterday
Let's make a mess in this old apartment

I'm giving up bad news
taking out trash
big part of the vacuum
sucking for cash
still trying to have you
in my stash
at home on the outside, sightseeing

Surfing the internet all paranoid
Shouting my life into the electric void
Got to get over it and find my joy
Got to get out of this old apartment
Track Name: Welcome to the Neighborhood
feel so good
welcome the neighborhood
Track Name: Creep All Night
Suddenly, we pick up a conversation
possibly from another life
heading to the same funny destination
fairy tales in gold and white
creeping out, creeping in
creep all night

Used to be we had elephants in the basement
Ordinary and otherwise
saving up to buy gasoline for the spaceship
commandeering the friendly skies
creeping up, creeping in
creeping fly

Soon we get to believe in what we've been seeing
Holy ghost again, gold and white
Got to find the right lock to turn the old key in
wait a second man, hit the lights
creeping out
creeping in
creep all night

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